Laboratory for Next-Generation Imaging [Closed Mar. 2019] | RIKEN BDR

Laboratory for Next-Generation Imaging

Team Leader

Yasuyoshi WatanabeM.D., Ph.D.

    [Closed Mar. 2019]

We create innovative life science methodologies with our unprecedented imaging analysis technologies.

Research Summary

The Next-Generation Imaging Team aims to revolutionize the biological imaging analysis method by developing the application of the technologies invented and developed by ourselves. We developed the imaging apparatus GREI and MI-PET that are able to take three-dimensional images of multiple radio-tracers at a time distinguishing each kind of radionuclide, and that enable us to make non-invasive imaging analysis of multiple biological processes taking place in living organisms associated with health status and diseases. We have constructed the prototypes of the GREI and MI-PET for small animal imaging and succeeded in the world’s first demonstration of the technologies. Our ultimate goal is to realize clinical GREI and MI-PET systems. We are conducting applied researches on various models in collaboration with researchers and scientists in different fields to show the usefulness of these new imaging technologies clearly. In addition to establishing unprecedented imaging technologies to realize innovative medical imaging diagnostic method, we envisage pioneering new field of scientific researches in radiation therapeutics, radiation protection, bio-trace elements science and so forth.

Germanium semiconductor Compton camera GREI

Multiple PET probe simultaneous imaging system MI-PET

Research Theme

  • Development of the multiple radio-tracer imaging apparatus and its application
  • R&D of the multiple-molecular imaging technology
  • Fusion of molecular imaging science and metallomics research

Main Publications List

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  • Munekane M, Motomura S, Kamino S, et al.
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  • Higashikawa K, Yagi K, Watanabe K, et al.
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  • Motomura S, Kanayama Y, Hiromura M, et al.
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