Special lecture by former team leader Masatoshi Takeichi | RIKEN BDR

Special lecture by former team leader Masatoshi TakeichiOther

Jun 23, 2020

A special lecture by Masatoshi Takeichi, former BDR Team Leader, was held online on Friday, June 19. Over 600 people from within Japan and around the world logged in to attend the lecture, which was entitled, “Cadherins, Catenins, and CAMSAPs.”

Takeichi talked about cell adhesion molecules, cadherins, as well as other closely associated proteins and their roles in epithelial tissues and in nerve cells, and their relation to cancer and other diseases, introducing the names of laboratory members and collaborators who contributed to the said research. He wrapped up his talk by touching on his hobbies such as fishkeeping and bird watching. After the lecture, he answered questions from the audience which were submitted via a chat. In response to a question on what he felt had changed the most in science through his career, he reflected nostalgically to the early days of his career when scientists seemed to have more time to devote to contemplating on their work, compared with the current busy pace of research environment.

Takeichi served as the founding director of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) from its opening in 2000 until 2014, and retired as team leader in March this year. He is currently an honorary scientist of RIKEN and a senior visiting scientist of BDR.

Takeichi in office